Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Worship - Church by Lyle Lovett

lyle lovett lyle lovett

Lyle Lovett might be an odd looking man, but dammit, he can sing. He can write, he can play, and he can sing. He can sing Country, Pop, and even Gospel. His work with The Large Band had been rather good, and certainly worth a listen.

lyle lovett lyle lovett

Lyle must have something going for him beside the talent - he managed to be married to Julia Roberts for a couple of years. He has been dating April Kimble for the last 10 years.

lyle lovett,julia roberts lyle lovett
Lyle Lovett with Julia Roberts & April Kimble.

But, like I said, the boy can sing. So here he is performing with The Large Band, along with some special guests. Together, they perform his song, Church.

Amen, brother. Sing it.


  1. I was in high school when my uncle gave my father a copy of Lyle's Pontiac album. We listened to that until the cassette wore out. I love Lyle, but he's truly at his best singing the songs written by Townes Van Zandt.

    Good pick, Howard!

  2. Lyle is a long-time fave of mine. Pontiac is just beautiful. And you're right, howard, he can sing anything!

  3. Love Lyle and have everything he's recorded. I saw him standing at the back of Douglas Corner in Nashville when Townes Van Zandt sang there and was a bit star struck. It was a rare and wonderful night for me because my cousin and Townes were close friends, and I got to go to Townes's house, ride in the car with my cousin, Townes, and a friend to the club, and then back to his house after the performance. What a treat!

    Lyle Lovett does it all. "If I Had a Boat" cracks me up. Love "Good Intentions" and "Which Way Does That Old Pony Run" and on and on and on. His talent and sense of humor and soul shine through his songs. I agree with you, Jennie, about how well he sings songs by Townes (who is an incredible songwriter). "Tower Song" is the ultimate break-up song.

    How much younger is Amy Kimble than he is? At least 20 years. What's new with that, though?

  4. Joy, what a fantastic time you had! And ondeed, Lyly has had much great music to sing. I also loved his songs from the silver screen CD.

    And for the record, I checked around and the sources I found said April is 17 years younger than Lyle.



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