Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday Night with Chad Cavanaugh


Chad Cavanaugh has many nouns that can be attached to his name describing his day-to-day life, from husband to proud father to singer/songwriter to former soldier to Irish hottie to blogger. The list could go on, but I figure I will get to the point of the post, which is his music. I've been a fan since I downloaded his first album, The Coffeehouse Rebellion. Back in February, I posted about it, even though I was a bit late to join the fan club. One of several great songs on the album is the last cut, Dead Man Walking. Chad manages to combine his folk and rock music with interesting rhythms to talk about his life. Check out a recent performance.

In April, he released his second album, We Got Love. I posted about it here. It pretty much solidified my status as a fan, with more great music and percussive rhythms. And Chad proved to be smart and serious, yet still have a sense of humor, poking fun of some things that are inherently funny in this world. You can see that in the song Bumper Stickers as he paints a picture about people who might not live as they preach.

Recently Chad posted a clip on YouTube singing a new song, Until The Next Life. Well, after getting beyond the distraction of the burly man without a shirt, I discovered a beautiful and touching song, a tribute to all those we have lost who have touched our lives.

Chad's MySpace page here. If you'd like to purchase his debut release, The Coffeehouse Rebellion, from iTunes, click here. You can purchase his latest release, We Got Love, here. Also, you might enjoy his blog, Stay at Home Rock Star, found here.


  1. I am flattered and touched at your words. Thank you for being such an awesome supporter! I appreciate you!

  2. Chad, you are welcome, and thank you for making music that inspires me to post.



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