Sunday, October 3, 2010

Same Something Different - Jake Walden

jake walden
jake walden
Jake Walden, at play and at work.

Announcing he is in the planning stages of a new album, a follow-up to the amazing 2008 release Alive And Screaming, Jake Walden has started a fundraising effort to help with the costs of recording. Before I get too much further into that, let me remind you a bit about the artist. Handsome, out and proud, the singer/songwriter sings highly personal and beautiful songs, his voice at times aching, at other times reveling in life. Take, for example, the song We Are in a live performance.

The title cut from Alive And Screaming is not only a great example of his work, but also was heard on the soundtrack of an episode of the show Scrubs. It is a beautiful song with amazing layers and textures, all shown beautifully by Jake's vocal performance.

And here is a video of the song Same Something Different at a show in Las Vegas. The song shares a name with the new album, so it might just give you a little insight into the music to come. I was lucky enough to see him perform this live at a show in Washington DC. He was there with Tom Goss.

As I said, Jake has started to raise money for his next album, and the first goal is at the end of the month. As with many independent artists, the cost of studio time and promotion of new music is all left to the artist, and is a heavy burden. When you come across talented out artists like Jake, and enjoy their music, what better way to ensure they continue to enrich your life with that music than with your support? So, if you could, take the time to stop by his page on Kickstarter here and watch his video, and see the options available. You can donate anything from $1 to, well, whatever, and for donations over $12, you will get something in return. Most of all, remember the quality of the music on this page alone, just these three songs, and realize this is an artist worth supporting. Need more convincing? Go to Jake's official website here, join his mailing list, and get a free copy of the single Alive And Screaming. Give it a listen and I am convinced you will be a fan.


  1. Not only is his music good and enjoyable, but he is a cutie too! Look at those adorable pictures of him.

  2. Maddie, great music, and as a bonus, very handsome. Who could ask for more? I think you'd love his music.



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