Saturday, October 9, 2010

Across The Universe by Rufus Wainwright, Moby & Sean Lennon


I could think of no better way to end my day of tribute to the birth of John Lennon than with something truly remarkable. In 2001, there was a televised special named Come Together: A Night for John Lennon's Words and Music, and among the featured performers were Sean Lennon, the song of John and Yoko. He performed with Moby, Rufus Wainwright and Robert Schwartzman. It is really something special.

sean lennon,rufus wainwright,robert schwartzman

He also performed This Boy with Rufus and Robert Schwartzman of the band Rooney. It is amazing how much the son reminds me of the father.


  1. Touchingly, Sean & John share a birthday.

  2. Stephen, nice. I hadn't realized that.

  3. Lennon would have been 70 this weekend....he was not afraid of anyone including the Government - his views were for peace and he stood by it...and of course he is a remarkable composer and writerQ

  4. SteveA, he certainly was all that, and more.



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