Friday, October 15, 2010

Jake Walden - Bleeding Love

Jake Walden
jake walden

At the beginning of the month, I posted about the fundraising for a new album from Jake Walden, and he just posted an update that I would share with the readers. But first, I will offer a bit of background. I have had the luck to see Jake performing live twice, one on the Rock The Folk OUT tour with Tom Goss and Stewart Lewis, and again at a show in Washington, DC, with Tom Goss. I met him afterward, and he was very much like he was in this video, adorable as all hell, sweet, and a tad nervous, but a good kind of nervous, like the energy from the shows were fueling him. In the previous post (here), I talked about how he was trying to get funds together to go into the studio for a new album of material, and the first goal was to raise $10,000 by the end of the month. This is a clip of Jake talking to fans at the Dreamers event about the project.

With that first goal met, the cutie now has to complete the next stage, which is to raise more money. He's got the talent, the material, and the drive, all he needs are some more people who will want to hear his music. I have long railed that if we want to hear great music that we enjoy, and that speaks to us and our experience, it is our responsibility to support those acts that fulfill our needs. I do it, and am damn glad I do. I have given to funds for other artists, like Aiden James and Gregory Douglass, or to films like Judas Kiss or Paul Bright's movies. I give what I can, which isn't very much, but I want these artists to understand their music matters, at least to me, and I want more. That is why I gave to this project before I wrote that first post. And just in case you need a little more temptation, I thought I would offer another song. This is a live recording of Jake singing the Leona Lewis song Bleeding Love with Bonnie Somerville, putting their own particular spin on it, making it his own.

So, if you could, take the time to stop by his page on Kickstarter here and watch his video, and see the options available. You can donate anything from $1 to, well, whatever, and for donations over $12, you will get something in return. Most of all, remember the quality of his music, and how proud you can be in supporting an artist in making it. IF you would like to check out some more, go to Jake's official website here, join his mailing list, and get a free copy of the single Alive And Screaming. Give it a listen and I am convinced you will be a fan.



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