Thursday, October 28, 2010

Anderson Cooper Takes on Bullying

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper

I think by now we should all know better than to piss Anderson Cooper off. Last night, we saw what happens when you do, as Anderson discussed the FaceBook postings of Clint McCance, the vice-president of an Arkansas school board. The story first broke by the Advocate here, it has been picked up by most news organizations. But what I love most about Anderson's coverage is that he brings it back to what is important, the victims. And he speaks so strongly about the perpetrator of this act.

I have always liked Anderson, his news-style being so strong. You are very aware when it is a topic he cares about, and bullying is one of them. Earlier, he ha appeared on Ellen Degeneres' show, and spoke about the issue.

Anderson speaks so directly to the heart of the matter, I hope his use of his position at CNN allows many people to hear it. And that one day, he asks me to marry him. I mean, come on, he is gorgeous, too.

There is a FaceBook page requesting the school board terminate him here. While the board announced they can't fire him - he is an elected official, not an employee, 'liking' the page does send a message I think is good.


  1. Love AC!! Thanks for this. PS - Invite me to the wedding.

  2. I am so annoyed by the school board saying they cannot fire him.
    Maybe not, but they can damn well ask him to resign.

    Sidenote: I love the fact that RandyAndy is a Husband-In-My-Head.

  3. Linda, you'll get the invite!

    Bob, that is why I like the pressure of that FB page on the school board, making it uncomfortable for them to have meetings. No town wants this kind of publicity. Put it on them. And I still hope Anderson arrives with that ring...



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