Friday, October 8, 2010

New Album from Pete Yorn

pete yorn
pete yorn

I have been a fan of Pete Yorn since I head the album musicforthemorningafter, the 2001 release that was just beautiful. There have been a few more, including the album he paired up with on Scarlett Johansson, Break Up, in 2009. This month he has released a new album, an eponymous effort, and I just purchased it. While seeing might be an issue at the moment, listening isn't. And boy am I grateful for this. I am really enjoying it, and have listened several times over. The album was produced by Frank Black of The Pixies fame, who has placed some of the early rock spirit back into Pete's music. Take, for example, the first single from the album, Precious Stone.

I really love the song and it's rootsy feel. In many ways, I think it is representative of the album, the sound and feel. It is rock, the kind of rock I really love. And Pete's music is so fresh and reinvigorated, it is great to hear. Also give Stronger Than a listen.

And here is a live performance of the wonderful song Rock Crowd. It is a fan video recorded at a performance in New York City on October 5th. It just reminds me that Pete is perhaps the closest thing we have to a modern day Lou Reed, another Rock God I just want to hear no matter what music he is putting out. It will be worth it.

For more information about Pete Yorn, check out his official website here. To check out and purchase the new album Pete Yorn, click here. Like I said, I am loving the album, and if you dig this style of rock, I think it is a must-have.

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