Thursday, October 28, 2010

TV Preview - 16th & 8th

16th & 8th pilot
16th & 8th pilot 16th & 8th pilot

I was intrigued when I was sent a link to a new soap opera that is being shopped around, the 'pilot' in the can. 16th & 8th. It is the story of a group of LGBT friends and the trials and tribulations of their urban life in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. Looks quite fun, filled with everything a soap is supposed to have - pretty people, sordid tales, and lots of action! This is what I see on the YouTube page.

Here is a sneak peak of the sexiest new soap opera around. After years of life in a sheltered Midwest town, innocent and wide-eyed Luke moves into an apartment complex on 16th & 8th in the heart of New York's gay mecca: Chelsea. Here, he meets a slew of crazy neighbors and experiences life like never before.

Written by Athena Reich and Stephen Schulman
Directed by Stephen Schulman
Song written and performed by Athena Reich
Directors of Photography: Vlad Gitlevich and Laurence Wallace


If you liked the song - I sure did - it is sung by Athena Reich. Athena not only co-wrote the script, she also wrote and performed the song. As a singer/songwriter, Athena has had a #1 song on LOGO with Love Is Love, which was also named Outstanding Pop Song of 2009 at the Outmusic Awards. The Album had a total of five nominations.

Athena's latest single is a cover of the Logical Song, written by Roger Hodgson and performed by his band, Supertramp. I really remember this song, as I had the album, Breakfast In America, when it was released in 1979. I think it was when I was finishing my freshman year at college, and Supertramp was the music of the summer. Well, here is Athena's really wonderful cover of the song.

For more about 16th & 8th, you can check out their website here, but it is under construction at the moment. You might just want to bookmark and get back to it later. For more about Athena and her music, you can check out her website here. You can find her on iTunes here or at CD Baby here. As usual, it is great to support members of the community, and those who support us. Check out the music, you just might fall in love.


  1. This looks like so much fun.

  2. Looks totally great! What do we need to do to make sure its produced and distributed?

  3. Hello Hotties!!! The show looks like a blast - I would totally watch this.

    Maybe Logo will come to their senses and cancel "The Z List" and pick up "16th and 8th" instead.


  4. I think that's a fantastic idea! Now is certainly the time for a show like this, and I think it would get plenty of viewers! Also plenty of protesters, and that would just make it more fun! LOL I hope they can bring this to fruition. Love and hugs!

  5. Unfortunately I don't have access to cable so I don't know how much my opinion counts. The trailer started out fine and is definitely visually stimulating. I think sound bytes of the dialogue would make it a little more interesting.
    Now if I did have access to cable and this was on would I watch it? Maybe as a one off; I don't think I'd get invested in it. For me and my taste it looks a bit vapid. I know I'm odd duck here (or is that queer duck?) but I probably would get annoyed with it quickly.

  6. Huh, now when will this be on? I agree with Beth on this, now is the time to start ariing it. Plus evryone needs a damn good entertaining soap. And a all gay soap will entertain for sure!

  7. I agree with David. This would be fun and better to watch. I would love to post the trailer

  8. Anon, it does look like fun!

    Zombie, not sure, but watching it on YouTube must help!

    David, If they replaced the lame A-List with this, I would so be watching!

    Beth, seems like you need both to be successful these days!

  9. Behr, can't be a hit with everyone. Thanks for checking it out!

    Maddie, the producers are shopping it now, but it would be great fun to see on the air.

    Wonder Man, post away!



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