Monday, October 25, 2010

New Members October 2010

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I'd like to welcome four new followers to the Soundtrack to my Day family. First, though, I would like to apologize to them, as I have not welcomed them previously. The whole situation with the broken glasses really put me a bit behind, but I hope to make up for it now. First I'd like to welcome Chazonator. In his own description, he refers to himself as 'Singer-Songwriter-Video producer-Equality activist-parent-friend-lover-real person', all of which are evident if you check out his blog, which you can find here. Definitely check his blog out, and you might find some interesting stuff! You can find links to check out his music, his news reports, and often politically-charged posts. Welcome to Derek Brown, who hails from Mississippi, where he owns a floral shop. He found us via Twitter, and you can check him out here. His tweets range from pop culture to political, and are quite interesting. He also looks cute as a button in his picture.

And a fine welcome to Sugar, an out and proud lesbian with two blogs of her own. She describes herself as 'Writer, Indie Artist, Pet Lover, Lesbian - currently awaiting a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.' One of her blogs is a music oriented one called Tantalizing Fruit, which you can find here. The other is more personal in nature, called These Joints. You can find it here. I'd also like to welcome Sokhengs Sor, who just joined us this week. Sokhengs has a blog you can find here, which is more adult in nature.

To welcome the new members of the Soundtrack family, I always try to make them feel at home with music I love. Today I offer up the music of Andy Moore, an out lesbian from Richmond, Virgina, who I have been lucky enough to see perform a couple of times. The song is Chicago from her latest release, the 5 In Common EP. You can check it out at CD Baby here.

You can find out more about mandy by visiting her MySpace page here, and her official website here. And please welcome the new members, and I hope we get to know them through their comments.



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