Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bobby 'Boris' Picket & The Monster Mash

Bobby 'Boris' Pcikett

In 1962, Bobby Pickett o-wrote a song with Leonard Capizzi that made fun of the 'dance' songs of the day, like the Mashed Potato and others, and promptly went into the studio to record it. It was released as a novelty song for the Halloween season, and for the last five decades has been a gold standard for a season that doesn't have a lot of music. One of the studio musicians who played on it was the great pianist, Leon Russell. On the songs first release, it made it to #1 on the Billboard chart just before Halloween of 1962. Pickett tried to follow up this success with other 'monster-themed' songs, but none could match the original. This is The Monster Mash.



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