Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tuscon Jam - 'It Gets Better' Style

It Gets Better - Folk Style
L to R: Namoli, Aiden, Joe, Ingrid, Eric, Liz, and Brianna. Not pictured, the adorable Tom.

I just saw this video posted on YouTube and had to share, since it includes three of my favorites, Eric Himan, Aiden James and Tom Goss. There are also other performers, and now I have to check out their music, cuase I really enjoyed this. I think it is best to let the description online explain it all. After a day of performing at Tucson Pride on 10/09/10, the musicians, Namoli Brennet, Eric Himan, Aiden James, Joe Stevens and Ingrid Elizabeth of Coyote Grace, Liz Stahler, Brianna Lane and Tom Goss get together to do a rendition of Patty Griffin's, "Tony", a song that speaks to the recent string of LGBT youth suicides.

If you know someone who is dealing with this issue please contact The Trevor Project at: or call: 866-488-7386.

For more on the musicians in this video, check out the end of the video for links to their websites;)

Here is a direct link to the sites listed on the video:
Eric Himan
Namoli Brennet
Aiden James
Joe Stevens and Ingrid Elizabeth of Coyote Grace
Liz Stahler
Brianna Lane
Tom Goss
Patty Griffin

I know my next step is checking out these artists. Hope you do, too!


  1. I don't know who any of these people are. Maybe I should read your blog more often, eh? The banjo player is adorable!
    Was that inappropriate?
    Thanks for continuing to share music - especially music from our GLBT brothers and sisters - music that makes us a stronger community. rock!

  2. Behr, thanks, babe. I am glad you enjoy it, I most certainly enjoy sharing it. And I can't wait to get the new glasses so I can really read once again, and get back to regular posting.



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