Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tim Curry Does The Rock

Photobucket Tim Curry
Tim Curry

Many might know him from Rocky Horror Picture Show, others from other movie rolls like his unforgettable turn in Clue, or his work on the stage, like in the production of Monty Python's Spamalot. I talked about Rocky Horror Monday night in preparation for last night's episode of GLEE. As the episode hits, I thought it might be fun to do a post about the music Tim Curry did away from the musical. There are also the lucky ones who came to know Tim's work as a recording artist. I purchased the 1979 release Fearless as a record - that's right, on vinyl - and love it! It is a 12-song collection, and from the first rocker, Right On The Money, Curry had me in the palm of his hand. He wrote the lyrics to the song. In fact, Curry had written the lyrics on 9 out of 12 of the songs.

Smart, funny and sassy are just a few of the ways to describe the song I Do The Rock. The tongue-in-cheek named-dropping just slays me. Here is a clip of a live performance, and he sounds incredible.

Curry also wrote the lyrics for the next song, Charge It. Once again, the innate charm and comedic timing to deliver lines like 'Charge it, where do I sign? Charge it, show me the dotted line' just fills me up with joy and laughter.

One of the songs he recorded that he didn't write was Cold Blue Steel, from the 1972 release For The Roses. Not surprisingly, Curry's take on the song is radically different than Joni's, so I hope even Joni fans can appreciated it.

Again, Curry wrote the lyrics to the final video I will post, Paradise Garage.

I tried to find a link to purchase the Fearless album, but I couldn't. Well, I found that you could buy used copies on Amazon, but that is not something I could recommend. So enjoy the clips, and think good thoughts of the sexy Tim Curry while you do!

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