Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Governor Markell Extends A Hand

governor markell,delaware

The below is a letter by the Governor of the state of Delaware read at a candlelight vigil this evening in Wilmington. It is awfully nice to have a high-ranking elected official who truly makes you proud to have taken part in the election process. Jack Markell is one such official. His caring and thoughtfulness are evident in the message.

In Memoriam: We Reject the Hand of Hate and Extend Instead a Hand of Help
by Jack Markell on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 8:06pm

Dear Friends,

The saying goes that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, but that is often easier said than done. In the face of bigotry, bullying, hatred, it is right to be angry, to be outraged. Even, to grieve - and we are, and we do.

The thought of Tyler Clementi being alone on that bridge, thinking that the only option to end the hate he experienced was to end his life, believing at the end that he was alone in the world, is every reason for anger and grief.

Because he was not alone in that pain. Across the country, children are made in so many ways to believe there is something inherently wrong with them, that they are somehow lessened by who they inherently are. Who carry home from school not only their books but the burden of bigotry and, when they arrive home and close their front doors behind them, may find more hate or harassment waiting on their computers or cell phones.

It’s so critical that those kids know that they are not alone. That there is hope and help – that there are lights in that darkness to welcome them. There are people who believe in their potential and know that they have so much to offer.

Tonight is a night to light those candles in this darkness. To show there can be more hope than hurt in the world, to tell those children they are not alone and to say that we reject the hand of hate and extend instead a hand of help.


Jack Markell
Governor of Delaware

Thank you, Governor, for speaking out about this issue, and supporting the young. While this issue might not be as popular as being a witch or Bozo the Clown, it certainly grabs my attention. For more about the Governor, his official website can be found here. His FaceBook page is here, which you can mark with a 'Like'.


  1. Interesting and touching letter. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jason, and I have the added bonus to say that I did indeed vote for him!

  3. Nicely put, Governor. Now if more politicians would follow his example.
    More Americans, too.

  4. Bob, I think we have a pretty neat Governor, to tell the truth.



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