Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Double Feature

Tyler Hanes
Gay Zombie
Top: Tyler Hanes in In The Blood. Bottom: Brad Bilanin in Gay Zombie.

When I was much younger, I remember watching all those 60s and 60s horror movies on the weekend, on shows like the Creature Double Feature. So I thought this Halloween Sunday, I would point out 2 films I like, one short, and one feature.

Gay Zombie
Robert Laughlin, Brad Bilanin, and Ryan Carlberg in Gay Zombie.

Miles the Zombie is seeing his therapist in West Hollywood, who is trying to help him come to grips with the fact he is gay. Soon he is out at a bar and meets the boy of his dreams, Todd, and his BFF Greg. Hilarity ensues, as well as a few terrifying moments. It stars Brad Bilanin as Miles the Zombie, Ryan Carlberg as Todd, and Robert Laughlin as Greg. Michael Simon wrote and directed this short film. This is the trailer for Gay Zombie.

Tyler Hanes

Cassidy Clarke is a senior at an unnamed NYC college, where his sister Jessica also attends. They are close, as Cassidy has taken care of Jessica since they lost their parents. He learns much about himself this year, as he comes to terms with his own homosexuality, as well as a weird thing that happens when he has sex. As the bodies of a few coeds start turning up on the campus, Cassidy sees through the eyes of the killer during orgasm. And he sees the killer getting close to Jessica. Can he stop them? Will he find love with his first male partner, a Latin hustler? It will keep you on the edge of your seat! The incredibly gorgeous Tyler Hanes plays Cassidy, worth seeing in a bad movie, let alone one this good. Here is the trailer for In The Blood.

Boo, everyone!


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