Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy ROCKtober!


Posting is a bit light as I am under the weather, but I couldn't let the new month start without a little something. Since this is ROCKtober, I thought I would start the month out with a little rock and roll. The first entry hails from Ireland, and my boys of U2. Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullin, Junior, and Adam Clayton have been making music together for more than thirty years, and still going strong. This is October from 1981 album of the same name.

The band Evanescence has a dense and driven sound that rose above the din of American Rock in the early 2000s to truly stand out and earn the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. Ben Moody and Amy Lee started the band in Little Rock, Arkansas, and they stayed together for a couple of years until creative differences drove them apart. Lead singer Lee continues on with the band, while guitarist and many of the original members of the band went on to form We Are The Fallen with singer Carly Smithson. The song October is from their Unreleased CD, with the original band members.

I guess I shall return to Ireland with the incredible voice of Dolores O'Riordan for the third and final entry tonight. O'Riordan came to my attention when she was lead singer of the amazing band The Cranberries. After the group disbanded in 2003, she went solo and has 2 albums to date. On her 2007 album, Are You Listening?, she had the beautiful song, October.

So, happy ROCKtober!



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