Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Night by Linda Ronstadt

linda ronstadt,john lennon

One of my favorite female vocalists of all time, Linda Ronstadt recorded the gorgeous Lennon/McCartney song Good Night on her 1996 album, Dedicated To The One I Love, a collection of pop music sung in the style of lullabies for babies. It is just so darned sweet and beautiful, I find it hard to resist.


  1. I remember her!! Adored her 'What's New' with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra!!

  2. Huge Ronstadt fan. No matter what she sings, "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me" to "What's New" to "Mad Love" and on and on.
    I never tire of her voice.

  3. Big Mark, that was a great album!

    Bob, I am too. Have all her albums, from the country of Silk Purse to the Pop-Punk of Mad Love. Just an amazing voice.

  4. I have posted about my love for Linda. The Lullaby album is terrific. I love- WE WILL ROCK YOU, with her child's heartbeat as the drum.

  5. Stephen, she has so many great albums. I still adore Hasten Down The Wind.



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