Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Free Download from Jake Walden

Jake Walden

The benefit of lending your support from an independent artist like Jake Walden is the free goodies you can get along the way. One such bonus was the clip of Jake singing his favorite song by the Eagles, Desperado. He certainly gives his own take on the song, with a delivery that is distinctly Jake. Since I am posting this during the day, I guess I should mention that those who watch through to the end truly receive a special treat. Yes, Jake does bare his, um, soul for his fans. Make it easy to get behind him.

And I mentioned a FREE download, well, here it is. The song is the never heard or released version of Alive and Screaming LIVE from the Hotel Cafe (2009). You still have time to join in the support of his latest studio effort, Same Something Different. You can join in here.


  1. dang, he's hot and has a nice voice

  2. Robert, I have to agree with you there! And, having met him, he is also a very nice guy.

  3. What a treat indeed. He's a lovely fella.

  4. Jason, indeed he is. I think I am going to post a link to your interview, which I mean to do but keep forgetting!



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