Thursday, October 22, 2009

Great Movies - Angora Ranch

Angora Ranch is a movie about gay men that was shot on a budget, but kept me interested and laughing the entire time. It was produced, written and directed by Paul Bright, who also stars as a 46-year-old gay man from the mid-west. It is listed on with the following description:
Angora Ranch is a sweet, heartfelt, movie about love that transcends age, stereotypes and meddlesome family. While driving to a business meeting young and handsome Justin runs off the road to avoid a rabbit. Lucky for him he has ditched as Angora Ranch, a farm owned by hunk Jack, a man almost twice Justin's age. Just and Jack feel the heat between them immediately, while the issue of their difference in age slowly melts away they face another problem: each of their meddling fathers. Jack's dad is nosy, pushy and waiting for Jack to settle down. Justin's father is all business and never thinks his son will amount to anything. Justin and Jack slowly discover that each is what the other has been searching for all their lives, if only they can figure out what to do about their fathers.

Angora Ranch

Angora Ranch was made by Silly Bunny Pictures, which bills itself as Movies about real men from the Heartland, which is an apt statement. The gay life is not all about being a 'big city' 20-something gay, with bars and LGBT centers. There are plenty of us who don't live within an hour of a gay bar, and no gathering place to meet with other gays.

Bright just oozes with charm, and I also think he is quite hot. As I put this post together, I ordered two other DVDs from Silly Bunny Pictures, Theft and Aaron...Albeit A Sex Hero. You can find out more about Silly Bunny Pictures at their website here.


  1. As I get older, I find these movies about middle-aged men to be quite satisfying, perhaps because I'm mid-40's myself. It sort of gives me hope that the possibility of love is...well, possible. Thanks for the review; I'll look into it!
    Behr Hugs!

  2. Behr, I agree. Get this movie, you will enjoy it!

    Eric, it is quite sweet. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This looks interesting, I might have to check this out

  4. Behr, are the 40's middle aged? I thought we weren't middle-agd until our 50's. I'm in my 30's and I feel a long way from middle-aged. (Can you tell next month's birthday paranoia is already approaching?)

  5. Wonder Man, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Derek, as a guy whose next birthday will be the big 5-0, I thought of 40s as middleaged, and I am a bit beyond that now... But I am not yet a cranky [or dirty] old man. I of course only speak for myself, and not for a youngster like Behr. :-)

  6. Howard I liked this one very much. It is a very low budget film that has lots of heart and substance. It lacks the polished writing and acting that most viewers might expect, but I liked the positive look at the relationship between a mature gay man and a younger gay man. I also liked the corny humor and the quirky small town charm of the film.

  7. Fellas-

    I'm delighted you enjoyed ANGORA RANCH and hope you are also charmed by THEFT (OF THE DRAG QUEEN'S WIG). AARON...ALBEIT A SEX HERO will be available in a couple weeks and it is very different from my first two films. The title character Aaron believes he is a victim simply because he's gay. Well, some of the time that is true, but in the actual events of the movie, it's not. This was my challenge to our own self-deprecating attitudes within our culture that makes us feel like victims. I hope you enjoy and stay in touch with us at Silly Bunny Pictures. -Paul

  8. Kyle, the movie has such charm and substance, I just love it.

    Paul, I am honored you stopped by my blog! And I can't wait to get the other movies. Like I have said, I love Angora Ranch.



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