Thursday, July 9, 2009

Worth Another Listen - Mark Weigle

Mark Weigle

I have been a huge Mark Weigle fan for several years, and I hope there is another CD to come from this talented man. I often search the internet for out performers, and I came across information on him, accompanied with a picture. I have often mentioned how shallow I can be, and this was no exception. I thought he was hot, and ventured further to find his music. I first heard him, and it was all over. I heard The Two Cowboy Waltz and then Take Your Shoulder From The Wheel, both gloriously performed. I knew I couldn't escape his charm. I bought the CD, and each release following and previously recorded.

Mark Weigle Mark Weigle

Mark's music is highly personal, with a country/folk flavor. The warmth and depth of his voice just melts me, his sound so lush. As a singer/songwriter, he often recorded his own songs, but also did some covers. His own songs spoke of his life, be it ex-boyfriends, love, life, and his life as an HIV positive man.

2003 offered Different and the Same, a collection of mainly cover songs, from the countryfied What I Like About You, to the rocking 867-5309/Jimmy, to the poppy cover of the Jackson 5 hit ABC, rewritten to be suit the singer, renamed AZT. His last CD, the eponymous Mark Weigle, was released in 2007, and I haven't heard of anything since. The video above was recorded in October of 2007, a radio interview/performance to support his current CD for a queer Australian radio program. This is one of a four-part series. I chose to focus on his cover of the Dolly Parton song Jolene, although he also performed some of his own stuff.

Mark Weigle

You can find more about Mark Weigle at his website. To purchase his music, you can go to CD Baby, a favorite music store of mine. You can get the physical CD, or do MP3 downloads.


  1. I came across Mark quite by accident and he's been a great voice for the community. And he's pretty darn woofy too!

  2. Behr, he is definitely woofy! Like I said, the sheer sexiness of the pictures made me find the music. And surprisingly enough, his music and message surpassed his hotness.

  3. I also love the CD Baby site- they are the only ones who carry my very beloved Pop-O-Pies.... The Catholics Are Attacking- the way best song ever

    will be checking out MW- thaks

  4. Zombie, I too love CD Baby. I truly appreciate receiving email that says 'CD Baby loves Howard' because I truly think they do. Spend way more money there than anywhere else! And their MP3 DLs don't have DRM protection on them, which makes me a happy camper.



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