Friday, June 10, 2011

Roadtrip With A Tams-manian Devil

theo tams,stouffville

With my ongoing celebration of the blogiversary, I am reminded of my roadtrip to our neighbor's to the North in Canada. Yes, I hopped into the car and drove by myself to Toronto, Ontario, last summer, all just for the opportunity to see a handsome young man. Well, to see him perform, anyway. That guy is Theo Tams, the singer/songwriter who swept through the competition to win Canadian Idol in 2008. I am a fan, and love his debut release, Giving It All Away.


But I also remember driving to Stouffville, a lovely town just north of Toronto, to see my first Canadian show. I was a messy combination of excited and a little fearful, knowing I was going to be meeting several of Theo's fans at the show for the first time - I am a shy guy at heart. I would also be hearing Theo live for the first time, something I had been interested in for about a year. So I drove into Stouffville, I was busy looking for parking, and to find the Lebovic Centre for the Arts & Entertainment. I found everything easily enough, and was early enough to notice that Theo was unloading some equipment from a trailer. Then I say someone speaking to him, someone whose face reminded me of a picture. Soon I found out I was right, it was Sue chatting with Theo. Soon, I was chatting with Sue, Melony and Cathy, giggling and laughing. Once we went inside, I discovered we were sitting in the front row, with Sue beside me. After StereoGoesStellar opened the show, my excitement level was so heightened, and Theo delivered a great show. Here is a video by Sue of Theo singing Tracy Chapman's The Promise at that show, seated beside me.

The theater was beautiful, and the grand piano was shiny and impressive, but best of all, Theo sounded magnificent. Now I know that my emotions were a bit heightened with all the newness, but there were a few times when Theo had me wiping a tear from my eye. His voice is so true, his emotions so real, and his smile so enchanting, he was everything I wanted, and more.

Theo Tams in Stouffville

By the end of the show, I had myself quite worked up, so excited about seeing him, and his being so very good live. I was not alone, as he had brought the audience along with him on the journey that evening, one they greatly appreciated. Along the way, he played this beautiful cover of the Britney Spears song, Sometimes.

After the show, there was a bit of a meet & greet in the lobby of theater, and if it wasn't for the ladies, who had all met Theo before, I might have slipped out, as I was a bit overwhelmed from the show. I am glad I didn't, for Theo was sweet as can be, and we got some pictures, and plenty of time to giggle and laugh. As it was just the first of three shows I was catching on the trip, I got to know the ladies, Theo, and the music of StereoGoesStellar very well. What a fantastic memory.

theo tams,toronto,canada
theo tams,toronto,canada


  1. Howard, there was no way we were going to let you go without saying hello to Theo after the show. Heck, he'd have probably been upset if you had done that because he knew you were headed up here to see him after all this time. We all definitely enjoyed meeting you and enjoying some wonderful music. We really MUST do it again sometime soon, don't you think? Especially with new music starting to make an appearance...! :D


  2. Sue, I am all for a repeat performance! After all, with Theo Tams, you can only have just one, right?



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