Thursday, June 9, 2011

2nd Blogiversary

Blogiversary Collage

At any given moment, it can feel like I have been blogging here for almost no time, while there are moments when I feel like I have been doing it for-freakin-ever. There are moments when I feel incredibly inspired, and there are times when I know, deep in my heart of hearts, that I will never be able to come up with any music I have not already covered. Yep, in a nutshell, that is my blogging life. Well, that, and looking through pictures and videos trying to decide what it the best to use for a post. And, of course, finding new and interesting way to procrastinate about writing the next post.

So, to avoid my procrastinating until the blogiversary is well beyond us, I will be doing a series of short posts filled with great music as a way of saying thank you to my regular readers, and to those who are just stopping in. I will start with one of my favorite female vocalists of the last 40 years - Linda Ronstadt. I chose to lead the day off with a live performance from 1976 in Offenbach, Germany. She sings Heart Like A Wheel, the title cut from an album of the same name. To make it all the more special, she duets with the late Andrew Gold, whose obituary I just wrote.


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