Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finalists Announced for The Voice

The Voice Final 8
Top: Nakia, Frenchie Davis, Casey Weston & Xenia. Bottom: Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, Javier Colon & Dia Frampton.

Tonight we have the first elimination episode for The Voice, an episode completely devoted to sending some contestants home, and selling commercial advertising time. Last night, I thought the contestants making it through to the finals would be Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, Xenia and Javier Colon. I will stick by that, but have less faith in it now that I have had time to think it through. Honestly, it is a toss up between Xenia and Dia Frampton, and you never know who the American voters will be voting for, as American Idol has shown us on repeated occasions. Last night was a very good show, I will say that. There was no clunker of a performance, no real melt-down. In fact, several people stepped up their game.

After a speech by the President of the United States, we had Carson introducing the contestants, all eight who made it into the Top 100 on iTunes last night. They then came out to sing a mash of of two of George Michael's wonderful songs, Faith and Freedom '90.

The first team to announce which member will be in the finals is Team CeeLo. Will it be powerhouse Vicci that will represent the team, or will it be bluesy Nakia? Tehy start out with a sweet moment between Nakia and his boyfriend. There is also a moment for Vicci to talk about her late father. Cee Lo even wrote a poem for his team. He diided his points 52-49 for Nakia. With America's score added in, Vicci will be moving on, and Nakia will be going home. She scored big with America, to be sure. She had an amazing performance last night. When we return from a commercial break, Cee Lo has no time to rest, as he is performing his latest single, Bright Lights Bigger City.

The song was great fun, the wig he was wearing, well, maybe a bit less fun. First we learn that Gym Class Heroes were rehearsing nearby, and so Adam sang their song together, Stereo Hearts, just to show off a bit for his team. Then we are back to find out if it will be frontrunner Javier, or will sweet Casey pull another upset. Once again, Carson tries to drain every last tear out of the situation, when speaking to Casey and Javier. Adam's scores are 65-35 for Javier, and explains he needs to give Javier the chance because of his age. Rather bold of Adam, I must say. But it makes it obvious, and Javier takes America's vote as well. Here is Adam's song with Gym Class Heroes.

Next up Blake takes Dia and Xenia with him on the road, and they perform on Honey Bee with him. He introduces them to Brad Paisley, and gave them each a guitar. But soon they are back, and they are on stage to talk about the experience. Both are grateful to Blake, they just love him. Blake divided up his points 50-50. He loves them both. It is up to America. When we come back from the break, we learn that Dia wins by just 12 points.

Finally, it is tome for Team Christina. Will bold Beverly once again capture the vote, or will Frenchie prove to be as powerful as her vocals. Last night, Christina divided her points up 50-50, dead even. She is leaving it in America's hands. After yet another break, we find out Beverly is going to represent Team Christina. The final four are on stage, and are joined by the coaches. Next week, they will compete for the win.

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