Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Voice - Team CeeLo vs Team Adam

The Voice
The Voice - The Coaches

So, this evening well will see who on Team Christina and who on Team Blake will be going home, as well as the competition of Team CeeLo and Team Adam. But the first order of business is to get the results from last week. There will be one person saved by America, and another saved by the coach. First up is Team Christina, and it is Beverly McClellan who grossed the top votes for the team. So it is up to Christina who else will be saved, and she is agonizing over it. BTW, Christina is looking great tonight, very natural and relaxed. She waxes on about them all, until she chooses Frenchie Davis, to the surprise of no one. We won't find out about Team Blake until the end of the show.

The Voice - The Coaches

Cee Lo Green comes out on the attack as he brings Tori & Taylor Thompson to sing the Andrews Sisters' Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, also sang to perfection by The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler. The Thompson girls come out, and quite frankly fall flat. They lack power and command of both their own voices and the stage. Minimal costumes can't hide it, no matter how many dancers they use. The patriotic pandering will be forgotten before the end of the show, I bet.

After a commercial, Team Adam has Casey Weston up first, and she will be performing Black Horse & the Cherry Tree by K. T. Tunstall. The rehearsal footage made me concerned, but I think she did a nice job. Like a very nice job. I was impressed, really.

Vicci Martinez is up next, and she is singing Jolene by Dolly Parton. That is a great song for her, if she can deliver it. She does a very nice job, but, honestly, I was expecting better. It is a short song, and I still was a bit lost in the middle. Still, a slack performance from Vicci is a far better than many can deliver.

Devin Barley is a med student-by-day, and wannabe rock star in his off time. He has no real seasoning, and as the competition moves on, that shows. He is performing Stop & Stare by OneRepublic. Adam has a lot to teach, and by the time the show rolls around, Devin has picked up much of what he needs, but not all. He begins pitchy, but is soon on key, but still a bit dry.

Team CeeLo is performing together, and following an uncomfortable clip of the team in robes, chatting. They are all on stage wearing period psychedelia while they are singing Sly & the Family Stone's Everyday People. While I certainly wouldn't say bad, I would say unimpressed describes it quite well.

Soon, we have returned and Nakia is up to represent Team CeeLo to sing Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon. Wow, what an odd choice for Nakia. He did an decent job, but not great. He really an alternative rock guy, he's a southern blues guy. I am confused.

Jeff Jenkins is up next and will be singing Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood. He dedicates it to his mother just before he starts. He should be very grateful for the chorus, for it is saving an otherwise lackluster and pitchy performance. Seriously disappointing after a couple of really good performances.

As Team Adam gather together to chat, they are at least clothed and chatting about the business. Soon they are on stage performing With A Little Help From My Friends, led by Adam himself. The song, written by the Beatles by best known as a calling card for Joe Cocker. Soon they are joined by the gospel choir, and everyone gets a moment, but I think perhaps Adam shined the brightest. I think the intention was to feature the contestants, right?

Country singer Curtis Grimes is out there to represent the last entry for Team CeeLo. They tease with him having a surprising song choice - well, that has been true of the rest of the team, so why not him, too. Wow, he is performing Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love. Wow, this is not starting well. He is completely living in his nasal register. I am sure he has a voice in his throat somewhere. I really didn't enjoy that.

As the final contestant gets ready, is anyone surprised that person is Javier Colon? I am certainly not at all. He is singing Sarah McLaughlin's iconic Angel, certainly a tall order. During rehearsal, I am with Adam, Javier tends to oversing everything he touches. And he does it again tonight. I find that annoying. The audience, on the other hand, loved it.

If I were a betting man, I would say that for Team CeeLo, you will have Vicci Martinez and a toss up between Nakia and Curtis. I think Nakia performed better, but you never know about the Country voters. For Team Adam, I have no doubt Javier will be the audience choice, and I would guess Casey or Jeff will be Adam's choice. Honestly, I don't think Jeff performed all that well, so I would give it to Casey, who did way better than expected.

After a commercial break, it is finally, time to figure out what is going on with Team Blake. After a recap of last week's performances, we find out that America has saved Dia Frampton. Now it is Blake's turn to decide, and who he will save. Blake truly looks like this is paining him. He picks Xenia, saying he can affect change better with her, and he dismisses the guys. I think he made the right decision. Next week, it is Adam and CeeLo who get to choose.

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