Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Night Blogiversary Party

Friday Night Party
Top: Paul Lekakis & Magnus Carlsson. Middle: Erasure. Bottom: Pet Shop Boys and Janet Jackson.

OK, to continue the fun, it is time to celebrate Friday night with a collection of great music that makes me want to get up and dance, and I hope you feel the same! So I have compiled a group of artists who have all been on the blog before, and who might very well be on it again sometime soon. The first song is My House by Paul Lekakis, who was just on the blog the other day. I still love his music, so I am good to listen to it any time I can. I really did love this song off the 1990 album, Tattoo It. My God, he looks so young in this video!

Swedish stunner Magnus Carlsson shows off his exceptional pipes is a cover of the great Erasure song, A Little Respect. The song was part of the 2010 album Pop Galaxy, which I just love. Aside from Magnus' dreamy good looks, voice and upbeat personality always win me over.

You don't think I could let Magnus cover them, and not include one of my favorite songs in this great mix of songs, right? Andy Bell shows why few cold ever match him in the vocals department, and Vince Clarke is there to deliver some top-notch musicianship. Together, they are Erasure singing one of my favorites, Chains Of Love. The single was released in 1988, off the album, The Innocents.

In 1987, Thee Pet Shop Boys went to the top of the charts with the infectious It's A Sin. Off the album Actually, the song is a classic example of Neil Tennant's and Chris Lowe's work, with complex music that came across on first listen as simple.

In 2001, Miss Janet Jackson scored a worldwide hit with the song All For You from the album of the same name. This came 15 years after her first trip up the charts with the music of the sensational Control. Crank up the volume and enjoy a bit of Miss Jackson.

Have a great night and weekend!


  1. Happy Bloggerversiary - great mix. Paul Lekakis looks so young there! And yeah - Chains of Love is one of my faves too!

  2. SteveA, thank you. Such cute boys, and great music!



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