Friday, June 3, 2011

Bowie Sings DJ

David Bowie

I remember coming of age in rural Delaware in the early 70s, and beccoming aware of music. My earliest musical memories were very much those of my family, with my sister's Barbra, Sugarloaf, Blood, Sweat & Tears, and Motown, my brother's Beach Boys, and the Julie London, Sinatra, Dean Martin of my parents. But when I hit the teenage years, starting in junior high school, really, that is when I started to find my own music. And once I was in high school, I remember seeing on the one stretch of road that the local kids used to hang out on, known as "Party Road," where they often signed with spray paint. There was one that said simply "Bowie Is God." Well, it wasn't long before I was figuring out who David Bowie was, and starting to collect the albums. This is his 1979 release from the amazing album Lodger. By this time, I had figured out that person was right. This is DJ. Have a great Friday.

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