Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jake Walden 2011 Tour

Jake Walden DC

In preparation for the release of a new album, Jake Walden is getting set to take to the road. The singer/songwriter kicks things off in Chicago, Illinois, next week, and move to the East Coast for a couple of weeks, ending with two shows on July 16th in Washington, DC. In fact, the pictures above were taken by me the last time I saw Jake play in DC, when he played with Tom Goss. That was a great night! With Jake on the verge of releasing a new album, Same Something Different, there should be great new music, and a real excitement with the tour. I am trying to decide between the DC & Ardmore dates, cause I don't want to miss it.

Jake Walden - Tour

For more complete information on the dates, check out Jake's schedule on his tour page here. And you can always visit his official website here. You can sample or purchase his first album, Alive And Screaming, on iTunes here or you can check out the Deluxe version here. You can find the Deluxe version on here.


Singer/Songwriter Shaun Hague will be opening for Jake on the tour. He also has a new release out, the EP The Time Is Now. You can hear his music and discover more about him by checking in on his official webpage here. You can find him on iTunes here, and on here.

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