Friday, June 17, 2011

OUTstanding Single, Love Song & OUTMusician

OUTMusic Awards 2010

I am continuing the series to spotlight the award winning entries for Single, Love Song & OUTMusician for the 7th Annual OUTmusic Awards. The Awards were given in New York City.

Sonia - OUTMusic Awards

The group Disappear Fear was formed in 1987 when sisters Sonia Rutstein and Cindy Frank began to write and perform together. Cindy stepped aside to raise her family, but Sonia has kept playing, both as part of the group and as a solo artist. Sonia was named the OUTstanding Single of the Year for Who I Am by Sonia & Disappear Fear. The song is off the Blood, Bones & Baltimore album released last year.

Sonia's lyrics and melodies reflect her simple truth - when you disappear fear between people what you have is LOVE. She and her sister, Cindy, are working together again on the next release, Get Your Phil, a tribute to the great Phil Ochs. You can buy this song on iTunes here, on here, and on CD Baby here.

Phil Putnam - OUTMusic Awards

I am a fan of Phil Putnam, as you could see in the post I had done about him earlier, here. So I was quite pleased when I read the winner of the Biello-Martin Love Song of the Year was Phil's Paris. The song is off his Casualties album. While there is no video, you can give the beautiful song a listen below.

Phil is no stranger to the OUTMusic Awards, as his I'm No Prize was previously nominated for OUTStanding Rock Song. I'll have to admit that after seeing More Than This and this video, I had a bit of a crush on Phil. So Adorkable and charming! You can check this video out.

You can buy this song on iTunes here, on here, and on his online store here. You can find Phil online at his official webpage here. You might even find a free download or two if you go there...

Linq - OUTMusic Awards

When you have a musician the caliber of Linq, you know she will not only be writing great music, but also something that is pertinent. So it should come as no surprise Linq was named OUTstanding OUTMusician for her beautiful and touching Oh Bully. I wish I could find a video of her singing it - surely sometime soon that might happen. But here you have the chance to listen to it.

You can buy this song on iTunes here, on here, and on CD Baby here. You can check out her official website here. Visit her there and see if you can catch a live show soon, or buy a complete album. How great was it that several of the winners have been featured on the blog already, including Phil Putnam? In the next installment, I will feature the winner of the OUTstanding Video of the Year. Can't wait! Don't forget to visit the official website of The Awards!

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