Sunday, June 19, 2011

HoJo's Soon You'll Go

Howard Jones
Howard Jones

As a big fan of Howard Jones and the music he makes, I can' tell you how happy I was to hear he had new music coming out in late 2009. When I heard this song, I was blown away. And it is perfect for Father's Day, for it tells the Dad's perspective on their children growing up. I found this song to be sweet, charming and moving, so so filled with Howard's truth. So here is Soon You'll Go, from his Ordinary Heroes album.

You can purchase Ordinary Heroes on iTunes here, and here. You can also find out more about Howard Jones on his official website found here. I was trying to think of how many times I saw Howard play in the 80s. Man, I loved his music. I still do. And would love to see him playing live again.


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