Saturday, June 18, 2011

Daddy Derek Sings 'Late So Tired'

Derek Nicoletto

Derek Nicoletto is another of my big daddies on this blog. And by that I mean Derek is a father, and will talk about the trials and tribulations of being a dad. Right after his son was born, he wrote a song for him. It was recorded by Telling On Trixie, the band of which he was the lead singer. Here is Late, So Tired.

I don't know how Derek does it, as he is a dad, a singer/songwriter, and a fun guy. And he's really hot. How he manages to fit everything in, well, the thought of it just tires me out. And next month, he has his solo debut, Kind Ghosts, hitting the online stores. I've heard it already, and it kicks some a$$. For more about Derek, check out his official website here. You can also check out some really nice t-shirts in his store here.

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