Friday, June 17, 2011

New Video Preview From Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes Talk Talk Talk Preview

Darren Hayes released a kaleidoscopic preview of the video for his soon-to-be-released sing, Talk Talk Talk off his highly anticipated album due out this fall. Hayes tore up the 90s as frontman for the supergroup Savage Garden. They had the world-dominating hits I Want You, To the Moon and Back, Truly Madly Deeply, Affirmation, I Knew I Loved You, and The Animal Song. In 2001 he embarked on a solo career, and has released three albums to date. My favorite is still 2004's The Tension & The Spark, a crisp and sexy album just beautifully written. The song Dublin Sky is just amazing. So, I can't wait to hear what the new one will offer. Like the the single, Talk Talk Talk.

The single, Talk Talk Talk, is set for international release next week on June 24. I know I'll be checking iTunes from midnight on to see when I can buy it!

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