Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Voice Finalists Perform

The Voice Finalists
Clockwise: Vicci Martinez, Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan and Javier Colon.

This is the final competition show, with the finalists taking the stage to sing for the win. But first, coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Dee Lo Green and Blake Shelton take to the stage and sing Queen's amazing song Under Pressure.

Wow, that was kinda train-wrecky. Soon the finalists are being introduced by Carson, and he speaks to Dia, Beverly, Vicci and Javier. We discover they will be singing a duet with their coach, and an original song. Carson chats with Adam, Cee Lo, Christina, and Blake, who is looking a bit teary.

Javier is up first with the original song after the break. But first, we hear the Top 8 artists are going on tour this summer, so Nakia, Frenchie, Xenia and Casey will be joining the finalists. Check out the dates here. But Javier is there to perform the original song, Stitch By Stitch. The performance is dedicated to his wife and kids, but sounds to me a bit like something Bonnie Raitt rejected 20 years ago. It was pleasant enough, for adult contemporary radio. The coaches are all rather pleasant, with Blake and Adam both feeling the straight guy love for a man with a family. I'm a little lost by it, but hey, whatever... To vote for Javier, dial (855) 864-2301.

Dia and Blake are the first duo to take to the stage. They are going to deliver Tom Petty's Won't Back Down. Dia and Blake are in suits, like mini Blues Brothers. Both are playing their guitars. All the guys in the band are sporting sunglasses, yet Dia is not.

Representing Team Cee Lo, Vicci Martinez is up first, and performs Afraid To Sleep. I like the idea of the song, but ht eactual work is a bit too Bonnie-Tyler-meets-Jim-Steinman for me. But she sings the heck out of it, giving it a few soft moments, as well as the power only she can deliver. It was a bit over-wrought, a bit too late 80s for me. To vote for Vicci, dial (855) 864-2302.

Well, after the break, we learn that the next performance will be Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo to sing their hit, Give Me Everything. Rapper Pitbull is rubbing all over his dancers. Ne-Yo's dancers are all over him, but he is too busy trying to sing, which he does well, for the most part.

Before the break, Beverly and Dia are asked about the tour, and Dia wants to sing more Tom Petty, and Beverly wants to give us Etta James. And after the break, it is time for Beverly & Christina to duet, and they will sing Beautiful, Christina's hit.

In the rehearsals, the guitar is played by writer Linda Perry. They are going to do a very sweet acoustic version, which is nice. Ms. Perry is on stage with them. I think some of the beauty of the song is lost by the dueling voices.

After a break, we have Dia Frampton singing the original song Inventing Shadows. It certainly has the flavor of an Adele song, which is a wonderful thing. She is a bit tethered to the piano, playing and singing. It is a lovely performance, I am quite surprised. To vote for Dia, dial (855) 864-2303.

Adam and Javier get their chance to duet, and they will on a Michael Jackson song. They will be singing Man In The Mirror. It starts off a bit weak, with Adam hitting the notes, but rather demurely. It is surprising how little stage presence and charisma in on the stage for the first half of the song. Javier kind of picks it up, and Adam seems content with being his back up singer.

Brad Paisley comes out to perform his latest single, Don't Drink The Water, featuring coach Blake. Paisley comes out and is doing a great job, and is soon joined on stage by Blake, coming out of his revolving chair and seemingly towering over Paisley. To be fair, he towers over most of the world. Blake seems a tad lost up there with on instrument to play. But they do a great job, even if it is becoming the Blake Shelton Musical Show.

The final competitor for the night is Beverly, representing Team Xtina. She performs Lovesick, and all I can say is I bet they would be better in the studio, because it just falls flat, and even Beverly flailing on the piano couldn't save it. The judges are all kind, and concentrate how much they love her. To vote for Beverly, dial (855) 864-2304.

Vicci and Cee Lo are the last to duet, and they pick Love Is A Battlefield by the amazing Pat Benatar. And as I suspected, Cee Lo is pulling out the stops, and has kids dancing, live fire on the stage, and big bold costumes. Vicci sounds wonderful on it, and Cee Lo looks great. That, my friends, is a way to close the show.

A great show, but truly throws me off. I thought Vicci shined, but the song was just mediocre. Blake gave Dia the best song of the group, so I just don't know what to think. I look forward to seeing who America voted for Wednesday night at 8PM/7PM Central on NBC.

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