Saturday, June 11, 2011

Garrin, Jason, Levi, Eric, Tom & Nathan Live!

Saturday Nite Rocks
Top: Garrin Benfield. @nd Row: Jason Antone, Eric Himan, Levi Kreis. 3rd Row: Nathan Leigh Jones. 4th Row: Tom Goss and Garrin Benfield.

As I was thinking about the blogiversary, I couldn't help but be reminded that I am a very lucky boy, having been able to catch some seriously good shows over the last 6 months. It all started last December, when I got to see Garrin Benfield for the first time! I have been a fan for several years, and have collected it all. Somehow, our schedules just never seemed to be in synch. So I was unbelievably excited when I had the chance to see him at the Grape Room in Manayunk, PA, with dear Mistress Maddie. It was a fantastic time!

When I saw Jason Antone, Levi Kreis and Eric Himan at The World Cafe Live! in Philadelphia, PA, in early January, I will admit it was not the first time I had the chance to enjoy them. I saw a show in Virginia in December, but my pictures were bad. I did have a great time, for I caught the show with Sweet Tom Goss and his husband, Mike. But in January, I was the show with family, having my sister, my niece, and cousins along to share the joy.

I was so very excited to catch Tom Goss at The Psalm Salon in Philadelphia, PA, for his CD Release Party for the new one, Turn It Around. With an album of new music, I knew it would be thrilling, but it surpassed my expectations. What a great time!

I went to another CD Release Party, this time for Australian singer/songwriter Nathan Leigh Jones at Joe's Pub in New York, NY. I was joined there by the delightful David Dust, who will always make for a fun time. But we both had a great time when David Raleigh sang an opening number, and Nathan played the entire album for the appreciative audience.

And just a few weeks ago, I was back in New York City to see Garrin Benfield at Sullivan Hall in New York, NY. Yes, after having missed his several years in a row, I was catching a second show, another CD Release Party. To be sure, I was loving the new album, The Wave Organ Song, but hearing it played live, well, that was just spectacular!

I look forward to catching more show, and bringing them back for you, my friends. Jake Walden is coming to town soon, Eric Himan is coming back in support of his latest album, and so many others are looking to play. And I am always more than willing to hear!


  1. Thank you again for dragging me out of my boring life to see Nathan and David. It was a wonderful time.


  2. David, thank you for being such a fun date! We really must do it again sometime soon!



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