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Tonight On Doctor Who - The Almost People

Doctor Who - The Almost People

Tonight at 9PM/8PM Central on BBC America, time to catch the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Almost People. It is a continuation of the last episode, The Rebel Flesh.

In fact, when we last left the Doctor, the TARDIS was trapped below an acid pool, and there were two Doctors - and not in an-heir-and-a-spare kinda way. More like in the cooked-in-a-pot-of-Flesh kinda way. Unlike with the humans, the 'ganger' (the simulated humans made from some sort of scientifically created goo, sort, one assumes, for doppelganger, the philosophic theory of non-biological twins) struggles with the Timelord's inherent regeneration process, and in assimilating the information of the lives of the 11 Doctors. This makes it especially uncomfortable for Amy and the other humans, as they are being tracked by the 'gangers' of the factory staff, who seem intent on taking over. As the crew sure op the doorway, the Doctor and his ganger are chatting, getting alone eerily well. Actually, they seem identical, save their shoes.

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Meanwhile, Rory was out on his own, trying to find and help one of the factory workers. The only problem is they are being followed by the workers ganger, and her intentions are far from good. It doesn't help that the gangers have let loose the acid, which is causing all kinds of problems for the humans. As the two Doctors join up to find a solution to the problems, Amy starts to voice her problems with the new Doctor. It confounds them both. They find a way to start radio communications, but are taken aback when the leader mentions the plan to destroy all the gangers. Amy is distressed when one of the workers speaks of Rory as a casualty. She also cannot figure out why she keeps seeing a woman with an eyepatch...


The Doctor start to empathize with the Flesh, and figure out what is going on. Amy thinks it is because he is the ganger. She truly distrusts him, and soon the others are feeling the same way, wanting to quarantine him. The Doctor wonders why she thinks the way she does. Meanwhile, Rory catches up with the worker he was looking for, and her ganger. The women fight, and a ganger ends up in the acid, melting. Back with the humans, the Doctor decides to send the Flesh-Doctor out to find Rory over the objections of the humans. They find the worker, no longer alive. That means Rory was with two gangers. The Flesh-Doctor is knocked out, and left with the dead worker. Apparently, that was ordered by the human honcho.

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As things start to go wrong, with the factory complex starting to blow up, our favorites start to head for safety. They run into Rory. The Flesh-Doctor wakes up, with the gangers over top of him. They think this means all is even now, with a Doctor on each team. Will we get to see what happens when a wall has eyes? How about a pool of Flesh? Did Amy really know the 'real' Doctor? Who is on the receiving end of a holographic call? Can the gangers bond together to start a revolution? Can the humans stop them? Can the humans learn to treat all with the respect due? Who can stop the rogue ganger? Is shenanigans a beautiful word? Will there only be two in the TARDIS for the next trip? Guess you will have to watch to find out...

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