Thursday, June 9, 2011

Through The Years

Blogiversary Collage

Boldly going where few smart men have gone before, I thought the blogiversary would be a perfect opportunity to show that I have fallen victim to many of the style fads of the last 50 years, from the time when I was a mere child. The hair, the clothes, well, they say so much, don't they? To celebrate the fashion malfunctions, I thought I would just give some music that might capture that same period of time, starting when I was an infant in the playpen. The Who released an album and single of the same name in 1965, My Generation. OK, more of the time I am wearing the suit on the porch than playpen time, but you get it.

Somehow, I manage to skip the 70s, at least with pictures I have on my computer. The 80s are certainly represented, from the white jacket to the appearance of a major amount of hair. And since in one of those pictures I was wearing a Cure Head On The Door Tour t-shirt, it seemed only right to post a clip of The Cure singing Picture Of You, a truly beautiful and melancholy song.

In the 90s, I let the hair get longer and more wild, and was listening to Pearl Jam. I can't help it, I had a huge crush on Eddie Vedder. I was also listening to bands like Live, Origin, Depeche Mode, as well as singer/songwriters like the incredible Duncan Sheik. But I think it only fitting to celebrate the decade and the pictures with a live performance of Pearl Jam's Alive.

Come the new millennium, I know the focus of my musical passions turned toward the LGBT singer/songwriters, many of them in playing a variation of Folk/Pop/Rock. A leading example of this would be Eric Himan, from whom much of my fandom springs. You see, it seemed that first several people who opened for Eric, or played with him, became part of my collection. That would include Aiden James, Tom Goss, Levi Kreis and Andy Moore. And those talented people exposed me to others, like Jake Walden, Adrianne, Stewart Lewis, and others. Well, I'd like to pay tribute to my Music-Daddyman, Eric Himan singing No Urgency from his 2002 album I Go On...


  1. Holy smoke, Howard! You grew your hair longer than I EVER did! ;) And is that a perm in the lower left-hand pic? (If so, don't worry. I made that same mistake once.) Pity you missed the 70s though as there would have been some interesting fashion choices then. BTW, love that first shot of you looking so grown up in your tie. :) Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sue, Yep, there was a perm involved. Haven't we all done one at least some time or another? And I think I have enough fashion mishaps on display in the above pictures to let the 70s go, thank you very much... LOL



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