Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Photoshoot with Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea

Continuing the celebration of the blogiversary and some music I love, this is really more about a musician I love, Anthony Callea. I just happen to notice the recent posting of a short video of Anthony at a photoshoot, and thought how cute it would be to post it now.

There are some absolutely sexy shots of him that I hope will be used to promote new music - like the shot I used above. But then again, I would love some new music, Anthony, so it might be my wishes talking! To remind everyone why I adore Anthony so much, I thought I would post this edited medley of the talented singer/songwriter performing live. Yes, I still hope to catch him doing that someday!

For more about Anthony, check out his official website here.


  1. Mind of Mine, he most certainly is. And oh, what a voice he has. Melts me every time I hear him sing.

  2. Thanks very much Howard for posting the gorgeous shots of Anthony at the photo shoot. I also hope that these incredable pictures precede new music from Anthony which I will be very excited about. Anthony's amazing voice has always bought me so much pleasure and joy. I love to listen to his music every day. xo

  3. Thanks as always for supporting Anthony and helping to spread the name of this wonderful singer.


  4. Nonnapat, you are welcome, and my fingers are crossed hoping for the music!

    Mairanya, no problem, but I have selfish motives. I want to make sure he sells music, so he keeps making glorious noise for me to listen!



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