Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Bargains - 1 Day Only!

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I got a note from filmmaker Paul Bright of Silly Bunny Pictures giving me his permission to offer the lucky readers today the opportunity to buy the hysterical, sexy and touching Theft (of the Drag Queen's Wig) Friday! In case you don't remember, I loved the movie, and you can check out my review here. You can check out the trailer below.

According to Paul:
Okay, fine, I've had enough of you asking if this private sale of THEFT OF THE DRAG QUEEN'S WIG could be shared with friends and up till now I've said no because this is a private sale for my friends. However, I'll take the flack from the distributor. Go ahead and let your buddies know. Send them the link, repost it, whatever. [Click here]

Last day to get this deal is Friday. THEFT OF THE DRAG QUEEN'S WIG is going for the wholesale price right now. Tell your friends tonight before they miss out.

Merry Devine is such a ho, ho, ho...

Merry Devine
Ho, ho, ho, have a Merry Devine! (And believe me, she can be had.)

All my love,

PS. You know, the dvd fits perfectly in your loved one's stocking...

Hurry, you can finish your Christmas shopping with some great bargains!

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