Thursday, December 16, 2010

Visit Tom Goss for the Holidays

Tom Goss
Tom Goss
Tom Goss

The next stop on my holiday rounds will be in Washington, DC, and my friend, Tom Goss. He is one of the most positive, nice people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He and husband Michael are adorable together. I first got to know Tom and his music when he opened for Eric Himan at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, and I was enjoying his set until he got to the song Rise, and it was over for me. I became a huge fan, and still love the song to this day. I mean, I LOVE the song. The lyrics are just so beautiful, so rich, and the music is perfect. Well, see for yourself.

I have all his music, from Naked Without to the Rise EP to Back To Love. There is also the Politics of Love, a few cover songs I got from the website. But best of all, I have seen him play in the Philadelphia and DC areas many times, and even made a show in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! I knew he was in the studio, and wasn't sure he'd have the time to answer my questions, but he did. We had a great interview for the release of his Lover video (here), so I was hoping this would be fun. What I wasn't ready for were his answers!

Well, I asked my pleasant friend what his favorite holiday song was. His answer was rather short and sweet. "I don't like Christmas music!," he said. Hmmm. I'm doing a holiday post and that is his answer? So I asked if he had a favorite holiday classic to perform. "None!" was the answer. So, I asked him if he was Mr. Crankypants today, or maybe the Grinch. He responded with "The way I feel is that if Christmas songs were actually good we would listen to them all year round..." So, I told him I was quite fond of the song he just released, Christmas, Chicago Time. After all, I had purchased it, and listened to it several times since, still liking it! Turns out Tom had an answer for me. "Hahaha," he laughed, "yeah, I like that one too! But I like it more because it's less Christmas song and more pop song." I guess I'll have to give him a bit on that one. But I will have to remind him of something he did last year, a Pop tune going by the name White Christmas...

I decided to let it go - I know, asking follow-up questions and clarifications isn't exactly letting it go, but I am taking poetic license, alright? So I move on, ans ask him what he'd like to see in the New Year. "I'm looking forward to figuring out a way to relax and spend more time with my husband." I am happy, I have my sweet Tom back.

Since there is apparently no holiday music on it, what does Tom have on his iPod, what current music is he listening to now? "Gosh, I don't know," he replied. "I didn't buy much music this year but did listen to a lot of The Fray/Sonya Kitchell in the car so that narrows it down mostly." And since I figure now would be a good time to run another video, and apparently I still haven't let go at all, I thought I would add a holiday song from The Fray, Happy Christmas (War Is Over).

So I ask, is there something he is looking forward to musically in 2011? "I'm excited about the new album, touring and seeing you more!" and wouldn't you know it, he makes me smile. I, too, am excited about the new album, which he is recording as I type, and a show in Philadelphia in March, and a tour starting in April. When I asked how the recording was going, he laughed and said "well, sounds fun! We're rockin' out hardcore, some of these tracks are going to get people jiving and juking!" Can't ask for more than that, can you?

To listen to or purchase Tom's latest "Pop" tune, (yes, I'd call it a Christmas song) Christmas, Chicago Time, you can go here. You can find his other music on that page too. You can go to his official website here, and hear some of his fantastic music. You can also find him on FaceBook here, where he gives updates on the recording process. Can't help it, still love Tom and his music, but after this interview, I would say I have a bit more respect for Mike... (Just kidding, you know I love ya, Tom!)


  1. You know what? I was thinking about Tom at lunch, and now here you are a few hours later writing about him. He most definitely is one of the most positive men I've ever met. Can't help but feel happy just to be in the same room as him.

    I still haven't met his husband, and hope to some day. I can't wait till Tom comes back to Ohio (in the spring I hope).

  2. I hate to say it, but I'm not a big fan of Holiday music either

  3. Cubby, Totally agree about Tom. Such a sweet soul. I think he kicks into tour mode in April!

    Wonder Man, LOL.

  4. Thank you Wonder Man! I do love my new song though and it's kind of Christmassy. But I like it mostly because there is so much of my memories intwined in it.

    Sorry for causing you so much grief Howard. But let's face it, you kind of deserve it...

  5. Tom, you are correct, I do deserve much more grief than I currently get. And, my dear, you never really cause me grief, just a reason to smile.



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