Friday, December 17, 2010

Josh Zuckerman Rocks Christmas

Josh 'Santa' Zuckerman

Out Rocker Josh Zuckerman has recorded his own Christmas song, a rollicking and blazing rock song to keep you grooving through the holidays, All I Want For Christmas Is You. I have always loved Josh's music, his sexy growl and muscular vocals setting the pace for his driving guitar. And he's pretty nice to look at, too!

You know you can't go wrong when you start with lyrics like this:

Twas the night of the party and all through the town
no cops were a stirrin and no parents were around
the girls they were dancing on the chimney oh so well
with hopes that by midnight he'd be ringing those sleigh bells yeah

So, give it a listen below.

And I've been given permission to give some MP3's away, so leave a comment and tell me why you'd like your own copy, and you might be rockin' with Josh (on your iPod) this Christmas! For more about where you might be able to find the sexy guitarist, check out Josh's website here.

Well, I got the OK from Josh to offer the download to everyone! I am grateful, cause I didn't want to have to make a decision on my own, and everyone deserves a gift like this for the holidays, don't they? So just click here to download it!


  1. I absolutely love his music. You are so right when you say he is easy to look at and that voice is so strong and sexy. His lyrics are outstanding and so soulful. I'm an old groupie of his :D

  2. If I can't have Josh in person in my stocking, I could settle for a copy of his song. :)

  3. Love, love, love Josh's music and this is a must have for me. Please make my Christmas wish come true and share this with me.

  4. Patricia, thanks for stopping by! I haven't had the chance to see Josh live yet, but I hope to soon! But I have his music in my collection, to be sure!

    Kent, I hear you! Hope you get the copy above!

    Michael, Merry Christmas, my new friend!




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