Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visit Chad Cavanaugh for the Holidays

At the beginning of the year, I discovered the music of the stay-at-home-rockstar-dad through the kindness of my friend Bounmy. Boy, am I glad she did. Not only have I enjoyed Chad's music a great deal, I have enjoyed getting to know him as well. Whether he is talking about his music or about his daughter's first dance recital, you can help but be affected by his infectious charm and energy. Take, for example, the title cut on his most recent album, We Got Love, which you can purchase on iTunes here.

The father of two girls - with another on the way - Chad certainly has much to be happy about during the holidays. So it was a foregone conclusion I would be asking him to take part in the festivities here. So I started out by asking him what is his favorite holiday tune. "I love the song Little Drummer Boy," he said excitedly. "It's my favorite to listen to and to play. The story is incredible and just gets me every time. To have a gift for someone that wasn't bought but created from what's inside your soul is powerful." So I thought I would join in with one of my favorite versions of the song, by the band Jars of Clay.

As I have already documented my interest in what my favorite artists are listening to when they aren't making music, I was interested in what Chad had on his iPod. "A couple of my favorite songs from this passed year, not sure if they were released this year or not but this year is when I first heard them," he explained. "The Dead Weather have a song on the Eclipse soundtrack called Rolling in on a Burning Tire that I really like and Mumford and Sons Little Lion Man are up there along with Linkin Park's new single "Waiting for the End". A must listen is Kenny Eng's The Angels off of his Live At Lestat's CD is a beautiful song. When we're at the same open mic he'll play it for me. It's good to run in the same circles as people you like listening to. To round out my top 5 I'd have to include the guy I was introduced to by you and Bounmy, Chris Dallman's Ghosts is a song I first heard in the past month. Love it! I hope we get a chance to play a show together soon." Hey, I'd love to see two of my favorites like Chad and Chris sharing a stage! As I couldn't find any holiday music to post from Chad, I thought I would grab something from some of his favorites. So this is Kenny Eng singing The Christmas Song.

With an eye on the future, Chad offered, "For the new year I want to get out on the road more, have an effective street team and get on radio cross country." But there are other concerns fro the handsome singer/songwriter. "As for what I'm looking forward to in 2011, I shift it back to being a daddy, I look forward to my new baby daughter, and watching my two other daughters be big sisters. I look forward to the inspiration that comes from them and the songs that will be bourne out of that inspiration."

Another of Chad's favorites is the band Mumford & Sons, and this is their seasonal offering, Winter Winds.

Chad is never one to fail to take an opportunity, either. "And I look forward to being featured again and again on an award winning blog called the Soundtrack To My Day. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it," he said, smiling. I have no worries about Chad being featured again, and soon. He will soon have a new album, Live On Adams Ave, available, and I got a preview copy, and it is wonderful - it truly captures Chad's passion for his music and performing. For more about Chad, you can check out his MySpace page here, and his FaceBook page here. You can also check out his blog here.


  1. Chad sounds really nice and great for the holidays

  2. Wonder Man, he is really nice, and would love to hear him live sometime!



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