Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Evening with Linda Ronstadt

linda ronstadt

I have no problem admitting I am almost addicted to her music. Back in the 70s, I couldn't stop listening to her, and now 30-some years later, I still have the same problem. Her voice is just exquisite, and she sings some of the most amazing songs. So as I was listening to music so I could post a birthday wish to the equally gorgeous TrannyBeth yesterday, I kept coming back to Linda. And I decided to not fight the feeling, and go with a post on Sunday, too. And it starts with a great cover of a Motown song, Hurt So Bad. 15 years earlier, the song was a hit for Little Anthony & the Imperials.

The next track is another hit from 1965, this one courtesy of Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. Tracks of my Tears is just a beautiful song, and Linda infuses the pop nugget with just the right amount of heartache.

Before Ronstadt became a household name herself, she often played with other California acts, including The Eagles. She also toured with The Doors, Neil Young, and Jackson Browne, among many of the top music acts of the time. It is only natural she would cover Desperado, a song she often sang backup on with the Eagles.


  1. There isn't a Ronstadt song I don't love.

  2. Wonder Man, so do I!

    Bob, I gotta agree. Her voice is just amazing.

  3. I'm a huge fan - I grew up of her music!

  4. SteveA, I can't imagine someone not liking her music. Just brilliant.



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