Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visit Nhojj for the Holidays

One of the things I love about writing this blog, and in my life in general, is when I happen across an artist who is new to me, and just wanna smack myself for not finding their music earlier. Such was the case with Nhojj, the talented and soulful singer/songwriter takes the vibe of great soul and R&B music, and places his own personal twist on it to set it apart. The out performer might bring in reggae and tribal beats to color the music, but it is his sweet and honest voice that makes the music soar. Of course, his stunning good looks and disarming smile don't hurt, either.

But I first came across Nhojj when I saw a release for his song The Gay Warrior Song, and found it intriguing and special. It drove me to iTunes, where I downloaded the song, followed shortly by his album, Love Songs. But first, here is my initial contact with the man's music, videoed at Indianapolis Gay Pride.

The album was sleek, sexy and strong, and made me want to curl up on my sofa with someone special. For the moment, however, a nice warm cup of tea will have to do. I can't tell you how happy I was that Nhojj agreed to be a part of the holiday series! And in case I didn't already think the man was charming and sweet, he opened up his end of the interview with "Thank you so much for all the love and support - you are the best!" This kinda sealed the deal for me... But, back to the burning questions of the season, like what is the holiday music Nhojj likes to listen to? "I love Someday at Christmas by Jackson 5," was his answer, and I found that brought a warmth to my heart, too.

So I had to ask if he had a favorite holiday song to perform? "This Christmas by Donny Hathaway," came back with no hesitation. Not that I can blame him, cause it is a great song by a remarkable artist.

With 2011 just over a week away, what are his hopes for the New Year? "To get more in touch with my creative, spiritual self," he answered. Well, I certainly don't know Nhojj well enough to disagree, but it seems to me that after listening to his music, the man is fairly centered and seems remarkably in touch his his self.

Time for the iPod question, one of my favorites. Exactly what is Nhojj's favorite song/music from 2010? "Whip my Hair by Willow Smith..." he said, laughing. "I loved that it was fun and affirming."

Musically speaking, what is he looking forward to in 2011? "Becoming a better guitarist," he answered, much to my surprise. After all, this is not a newcomer, by any means. Nhojj is already and award-winning artist, picking up Best R&B Song at the OutMusic Awards for 2009 for the remarkable Love. The music video for Love was also nominated for Video of the Year in 2010 by OutMusic, a true tribute to the man's talent. Check out the video.

For more about Nhojj, stop by his official website here. You can also check out his music on iTunes, including the album Love Songs, by clicking here.



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