Friday, May 7, 2010

We're All Angels - Jason & deMarco

jason and demarco,we're all angels
Pictured: Jason left, and deMarco right.

Tomorrow night, LOGO TV will be premiering We're All Angels, a documentary following the singers Jason & deMarco. They are a couple, out and proud, as well as men with strong spiritual beliefs. They are also cute as buttons, and much of their music pop confections that are irresistible to me. I hope Jason doesn't mind, but I have a bit of a crush on deMarco, and have for some time now. Indeed, I am a fan of the music, and have albums in my collection, including Safe, which I think is wonderful. But first, here is a peak at We're All Angels.

jason and demarco,we're all angels jason and demarco,we're all angels

The 2008 album Safe was a bit of a departure for them, utilizing from different instrumentation and rhythms, venturing away from some of the classic pop stylings to a more stripped down pop feel. Their second album, Till The End Of Time, was released in 2006. It included This Is Love, a beautiful song sung so well by two men in love. It just warms my heart to even hear it, let alone see there cherubic faces.

In 2004, the duo released their first foray into secular pop music, called Spirit Pop. By this time, they had been shunned by some, but not all, of the Christian music community of which they were once a part. Their faith, which was an important part for both, was to be a part of their lives whether that worked for others or not. But another part, the strong love they felt for one another, would not be denied either. For that, I give them much credit. All I Long For is a song from that first album.

Released as part of the Safe album, It's Okay is also a theme of sorts to We're All Angels. The following is a video recorded by a fan of Jason and deMarco singing at a personal appearance.

So, tomorrow night I will be watching LOGO when this airs, just charmed by the pair of lovers. I am such a sucker like that. For more on Jason & deMarco, check out their website here. They are yet another act I would love to catch live, and hope to do so. Even if I just get the chance to stare at that cutie, deMarco.


  1. Wonder Man, they are adorable. And good pop music.

  2. Jason and deMarco are such great guys. It was such a joy to make this documentary about the and the people in their lives. Both of their parents were wonderful. Meeting Alan Lett and his mom, Lisa, was such a gift for me.

  3. Robert Nunez, Thank you for producing a wonderful movie. I have ordered my DVD from J&D's site, and hope to have it soon. I own all the secular music, as well. I thought the movie was wonderful, showing the boys, warts and all, real people who love one another and sing together.



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