Wednesday, May 12, 2010

AI9 Str8 To DVD

This recap was originally written for Rickey.Org.

Last night, they did their thing, performing the songs from the silver screen. Crusty tells us 37 million votes were placed, the highest of the season. There will be performances by Bon Jovi, Fantasia, and Daughtry. Chris Daughtry was eliminated in fourth, so he knows the pressure the contestants are feeling now.

We jump right into Fantasia's performance of Bittersweet, a nice R & B ballad. There is a side of Fantasia I haven't seen before, a hint of Diana Ross coming out here, a certain grace we haven't always seen from her. Very nice!

Crusty reminds us that tonight, four become three. And the Ford Music Video happens, featuring the Ford Fiesta and funny costumes. Yikes. Crusty then mentions about the homecoming celebrations, and we see the previous ones featuring all the prior contestants. They all just wanna visit home.

The results are fast. First he talks to Casey and Mike, and it seems Mike picked the duet. Then on to Crystal and Lee. They loved the song. First we find out Casey is safe, the first member of the top 3. He looks shocked, and hard to process as he walks to the couch to sit with family there waiting for him.

Next up we have Daughtry performing. Four years ago, he was eliminated this very night, in fourth place. He sings September, and sounds fantastic. After the song, the crowd goes wild. Chris tells the contestants to stay hungry, to remember the dream.

That leaves Big Mike, Lee and Crystal watching their family/friends on the couch, waiting and wondering who will get the final two seats and a parade, and who is going home to tears.

Next Ryan talks to Big Mike, asking him about the song. Then he talks to Lee. He doesn't think it was karaoke, but understands the criticism. Now we have Crystal, and Simon talks about how the artist he loved is back.

He tells Mike to sit tight a second, and then Lee is safe and in the Top 3, leaving Big Mike and Crystal to fend for the last slot. Wisdom tells us Crystal should be safe, but in the past, people like Chris Daughtry were thought to be safe, frontrunners even, and went home in fourth. But before we hear the results, Bon Jovi will perform.

Crusty introduces another stadium band, Bon Jovi, performing Superman Tonight. They sound great, and look good, too. But I can't help but remember Jon Bon Jovi didn't do electrolysis on his chest.

Time for a commercial break, and results when they return. They are back, and pointing out Casey and Lee are safe on the couch. Both are overwhelmed, still adjusting to being in the top 3. Joining them is Crystal, and Big Mike is going home for the second time this season. We see the going away package, with Leave Right Now playing in the background, by Will Young. Before he sings, Kara tells him to keep on performing, he has it in him. He sings about Free Willy again, and gets a hugs from the judges.


  1. I SO appreciate that you sit through the results show so I don't have to. Thank you thank you thank you. Oh and thank you for sending Big Mike home.

  2. Mike.
    And I'm glad. I never got the "I wanna be a singer" vibe from him, all I got was the "I wanna be rich" feeling. So, I'm glad he got taken down again.
    The last three are at least individuals with their own sense of style. While, for reasons quite obvious, I love Casey, I think we'll see a Crystal/Lee finale, and, fingers crossed, a Crystal win.

  3. When Big Mike hugged Crystal, I was half afraid he was going to break her. This season has been so boring. Can we please just time warp to the end?

    Anyone else feel like Ellen adds almost nothing to the show? A zinger here, a one-liner there, and that's it. No helpful musical criticisms whatsoever. At least she's sober, so that's a good thing. I hope next season (if there is a next season) they go back to the three-judge format.

  4. Behr, you are welcome, my dear.

    Bob, hallelujah!

    Cubby, I think part of it is show fatigue, and think most season are boring this time of the season.



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