Wednesday, May 5, 2010

AI9 The Top 4 Revealed

This post was originally written for Rickey.Org.

Tonight another contestant goes home as the Top 4 are revealed. Crusty tells us Lady GaGa and Harry Connick Jr are performing on the results show. The Top 5 sing a medley of Sinatra songs, each getting some solo time, dressed in tuxes.

The Ford Music Video is 1,2,3,4, the Plain White T's hit song. It was cute and subtle for a change. Then there is a behind the scenes look at Tuesday for the contestants, including Big Mike and Crystal waking up with family, thru the excitement of the performances.

Results time, and Lee is asked to stand up, and joins Crusty onstage. There is a prolonged conversation, Simon adding that last night was the first time he thought Lee thought he could win. We discover he is safe. Then, Crusty tells us Lady GaGa is up next.

Lady GaGa opens to the strains of Bad Romance and segues into Alejandro, wearing a black mesh cape and hood over a black fishnet bodysuit with her male dancers in high-waisted biker shorts and well-oiled muscled chests. Have to say, that was not the most exciting show GaGa has put on. Not bad, certainly, but lacking a spark.

There is a clip of Harry Connick Jr during the mentoring, giving all the Idols a hard time. In fact, he also reserves some time for the judges, mentioning 'pitchy' is not something that should be said. Out of tune, yes, pitchy, no. Then he comes out to perform, and wasn't very good. He talks a bit, and then introduces the Top 5 singing some of his songs. They did a nice job. Afterward, Crusty asks about when he first met Frank Sinatra. Seems Frank's only commentary about Harry's nervous performance in front of Old Blue Eyes was to kiss Harry's girlfriend on the lips and tell her she is beautiful. Funny.

We are back with results. Crystal is up next, and we are reminded of her reviews, and sent to stand by the piano. Big Mike is next, and asked to stand at the near side of the stage. Aaron is next, and asked to join Big Mike. Casey is left to join Crystal by the piano. Lee is asked to pick the safe group, and he refuses. Crusty announces the bottom two are Big Mike and Aaron, and Crystal and Casey are safe. Honestly, Casey looks as surprised as I am.

And we discover the person going home is Aaron Kelly. As I watch Rickey weep quietly on Rickey.TV, we see Aaron's journey video. He sings Fly Me To The Moon, with Harry sticking around to play for him. That is a nice touch. Aaron handles it well, with many smiles. Good for him.


  1. OMG...Casey was safe? I guess all those cougars out there really are voting for him. I'm not unhappy about Aaron as I thought he should have gone weeks ago. But I truly wanted Big Mike to be the one leaving. Oh well maybe next week. :)

  2. I don't know what to make of Casey. Of the remaining four I believe he is the weakest link, yet I know his super mega hotness will bring in the votes. At this point I think predictions may be a waste of time. This is no longer a singing contest but merely a popularity contest. Who's most popular and for what reasons?

    I will still vote for Crystal. Even if she wasn't from my hometown I'd still vote for her. Clearly she's the best, but on American Idol the best ones usually finish in second or third place.

  3. Behr, Aaron, Big Mike and Casey have been flirting with leaving, so I would think Big Mike and Casey are the next to go.

    Cubby, It has always been a popularity contest of sorts. Otherwise, I could not many things in the past 8 years. I think it will be between Lee & Crystal.

    Bob, I am on board with that thought.



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