Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preview - Being Human Season 2

aidan turner,russell tovey,lenora crichlow,being human
being human,lenora crichlow,russell tovey,aidan turner

I am a huge fan of the BBC America show Being Human. The story lines were good in the first season, and the acting well done. Lenora Crichlow was very good as ghost Annie, but Aidan Turner and Russel Tovy as Mitchell and George, respectively, are just gorgeous as well as talented. Turner is quite sexy as the brooding vampire. Tovey's werewolf is gloriously manic. Tovey, in fact, is an out actor I have enjoyed in episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood, too.

being human,aidan turner
being human,russell tovey
Top: Aidan Turner, bottom: Russell Tovey.

Anyway, Being Human is returning to the screen with summer with season 2, and I can't wait. Here is the first trailer.

Check out the Being Human website here.


  1. Wonder Man, he is truly adorable. And sometimes naked on the show.



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