Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Morning with Christophe Willem

christophe willem,nouvelle star,2006
christophe willem,nouvelle star,2006

In 2006, this amazingly talented Frenchman won the televised competition Nouvelle Star, the French version of Pop Idol. For me, he is the quintessential French artist, oozing with quirk and even more talent, delivering unexpected performances. I happened across this video on YouTube, and was just enchanted with him. Here he is with the first single off his debut, Sunny.

That first album sold like crazy, going double platinum in sales in France. To tell the truth, I know little about the man, or, really, I got nothing. But once I had discovered his video, I checked out a bit more, and discovered while he was on Nouvelle Star, he did this amazing performance of I Will Always Love You, the Whitney Houston standard.

At the end of last year, Christophe released his sophomore effort, Caféine. I have never heard complete albums, but if his videos are any indication, he combines some jazz-influenced pop with some fun dance stuff. But this morning, I am sticking with the pop. The latest single from his second album is Entre Nous et Le Sol, which can be translated to mean Between Us and the Ground.

For more on Christophe Willem, check out his website, which is in entirely in French.


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