Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Video - J.R. - Will You Marry Me Boy?

out rapper,r and b
jr,out rapper,r and b

Found this via Joe.My.God, a wonderful blog. And because it is just my nature, I had to do some research. JR is an out and proud gay man of color, and I love it. For so long, folk has been the haven for gay men and women, and it is nice to see the landscape broadening.

You can find his website here. He also can be found on MySpace here, and you can find his music on CD Baby here. Here is an earlier video from J.R., Boys. I kinda like this song.

And here is the video for Dirty Little Secret. It is a very different story than the other videos tell. This one is more one of a closeted man, or one on the down-low - definitely someone in a different place in their development than the first video proposing marriage.



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