Tuesday, May 11, 2010

AI From Silver Screen to Small Screen

It is time for the top 4 to perform, what could be seen as a tricky week. In the first season, one of the favorites, Tamyra Gray took an unexpected early exit, leaving little competition for Kelly Clarkson. Season 3 saw eventual winner Fantasia Barrino in the bottom with LaToya London, before LaToya was excused. In Season 5, front-runner Chris Daughter was knocked out in 4th, and went on to be far more successful than anyone else from the season. Jason Castro was eliminated in 4th during Season 7, many fans stunned Syesha Mercado made it through. Seems as though on the odd years, this is a contentious week. Should Crystal and Lee be worried, since it is Season 9?

Tonight we will be entertained by Music from the Movies. This leaves the selection wide open, allowing the remaining four to pick from just about any genre possible, from any period of music they would like. Jamie Foxx is stepping up as the mentor, with success as a recording artist, actor, and entertainer. They are doing a solo and a duet, yet to be determined

Lee is up first, singing Kiss From A Rose, from the film Batman Forever. Jamie got into Lee's face during rehearsal, forcing him to focus and bring the performance out instead of inward. I am sure Lee's fans will love that, but I thought it was just OK. Wow, Randy agreed with me. He even acknowledged the pitchy part. Ellen, apparently, doesn't mind the pitchy. Kara was on board with Randy, but still thinks he is great. Simon thought it was karaoke.

Big Mike is up next, and in his rehearsal with Jamie, he struggles with the song and lyrics. He is singing Will You Be There from Free Willy. He takes it to the gospel level, and does an okay job, but lacks something. The judges are less than impressed. It is unanimous, and they are disappointed. Thus far it is Judges 2, Contestants 0. Before the break, we are teased with Lee and Crystal singing a duet from an Oscar-winning film.

The first duet is Lee and Crystal, singing Falling Slowly from the movie Once, sung last year by winner Kris Allen. Wow, this isn't working for me at all. It was such a delicate and sweet song, and they are running over it with a steam roller, and taking the love out of it. Randy, on the other hand, completely disagrees, as does Ellen and Kara. In fact, Kara thinks it was her favorite moment in the season. And Simon loved it. I call this damage control. After the break, Casey will be singing a Simon & Garfunkel song from The Graduate.

Casey sings Mrs Robinson, an interesting choice. He again pulled out 'seduce me, boy' schtick, and it kinda worked. Casey is having a really good performance. Changed up the song nicely, and sounded good. Randy liked it, but didn't love it. Ellen liked it, and Kara liked it, too. Simon didn't like it, thought it lazy, which I don't understand at all. Frankly, that was the best performance so far, though I would suspect Crystal will top it shortly.

Crystal gets a sit-down interview, and announces she will be doing a song form Caddyshack, Kenny Loggins' I'm Alright. Crystal messes, and says she is starstruck with Jamie. This is right up her alley, though I would have liked her to sing something from the last decade. She does a nice job with it. It is the solo performance of the night. Randy thinks she is the real artist, and Ellen called it 'Crystal-ized.' Kara agrees, and Simon thinks she is back in the game. Crusty takes a moment to make fun the dancing of Crystal's boyfriend. Really? Up next there is the duet of Casey and Big Mike, singing a Bryan Adams song.

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman from Don Juan DeMarco is the song choice, and Casey opens it nicely, and Big Mike does a nice job, though he does occasionally flat. Wow, that wasn't bad at all, in fact, almost good. Randy liked it, Ellen has loved a woman, Kara thought the duets were great, and Simon agreed.

In my opinion, Crystal clearly won the night, giving the best solo performance and surviving the duet. Casey was next for me, doing a nice job on the solo. I think he and Mike had the better duet. On the strength of the duet, I think Big Mike was third, and Lee was fourth. However, I fully expect the bottom 2 to be Casey and Big Mike, with maybe Mike going home. For the results show, Fantasia, Bon Jovi and Daughtry will be performing. Interesting...


  1. I was at a store earlier this evening and they were playing Daughtry over the speakers. It made me think about how the best AI contestant get voted off early. I sure hope the same thing doesn't happen to Crystal.

    I'm glad to see that this week Miss Bowersox decided to bring her A game. Someone obviously told her to cut the shit and start singing to win this thing. Thank God she listened.

  2. I have to agree with your assessment (Lee was just ok) and with Bob that Mike must go. I think Casey is this season's Jason Castro...he has no delusions of winning. As for Crystal...if she doesn't win something is wrong with America.

  3. Bob, I am OK with that.

    Cubby, I think Crystal is safe.

    Behr, thanks. I think both Mike & Casey are shooting for 3rd, Crystal and Lee will be fighting for the win.



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