Tuesday, May 25, 2010

American Idol Finals Tonight

american idol,season 9,top 3 american idol,season 9,top 3

Tonight is the final performance episode of American Idol Season 9. The final two, singer/songwriter Crystal Bowersox and rocker Lee DeWyze, will take to the stage at the Nokia Theater and sing for the title. It is also the final chance for Simon Cowell to critique the contestants, before he returns with the US version of X-Factor.

What would I like to see this evening? I'd love to see a performance that brings me outta my chair and away from my keyboard to my feet to cheer. That is what one always hopes for, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Since both are more guitar/rock influenced performers, I would hope we could get at least one killer song, sorta like delivered in the following clip, the amazing Wes Carr. In 2008, he took to the stage and delivered a performance that took control of the stage and the camera, lighting up the bright stage with an explosion of talent, energy, confidence and swagger.

It is performances like this that makes me order CDs from these kids, and I can tell you I ordered my Wes Carr album, The Way The World Looks, from Australia, and we will see if Lee or Crystal can convince me to do the same for them.


  1. As much as I like Miss Bowersox and as clear as it is she's the best this season, Adam Lambert would totally blow her away in a head-to-head competition.

    This season has been lackluster, and to say that is being generous. With Simon leaving, the next season is virtually guaranteed to be the last. Maybe Simon will take Ellen with him. This simply is not her forum. It's interesting to me how someone could do so well as an afternoon talk show host but bomb so terribly as a talent show judge.

  2. Cubby, Crystal and Adam are like apples and oranges, and given a choice, hearing what Adam put out on his first album, I'd rather listen to Crystal.



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