Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gregory Douglass Virtual House Concert

gregory douglass,2011 release campaign
Gregory Douglass
Gregory Douglass

I have been a fan of this talented out and proud Vermont singer/songwriter, whose expressive vocals and searching songs have me mesmerized whenever I listen. He recently started to perform at virtual house concerts, online shows that double as a fundraiser for his next album, expected to be released in 2011. But rather than allow myself to blather on and say something stupid along the way, I will leave Gregory Douglass to the explanation.

As I said, I am a fan. I have five albums, as well as a a couple of EPs, and I love them all. I would encourage everyone to stop by his virtual show on Monday evenings at 9PM EST, and check him out. He will sound something like the following.

Sadly [from Battler]

Broken Through [from Battler]

Hang Around [from Up & Away]

To see his show, you can find him on JustinTV here. You can also check out his official website here. There you will find picture, music, and videos, everything you would need. On the JustinTV page, you will find places to click to pre-order the new release, or to donate money to the costs. The costs are big for the independent musicians, and you can see on the donation sight he has a business plan in place, complete with a budget for the project. This young man, like so many of his contemporaries, has a business model in mind to take care of their talent and career.

gregory douglass,2011 release campaign


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